The fleece of the suri alpaca is what differentiates it from the more common huacaya alpaca. Suri alpaca fibre is considered to be one of the world’s rarest specialty fibers. Suri alpacas are estimated to comprise only 6-8% of the world-wide population of alpacas and the vast majority of these are white, making the coloured suri alpaca a rare and sought after animal.



We have animals to suit all budgets and are happy to negotiate discounts for group purchases. Our animals have been carefully bred using top quality suri genetics and are proven in the show ring. We are able to arrange export to Europe and Asia using local exporting facitilites. Please contact us to find out more details or to arrange an obligation free visit.



Maera - First Junior White Female Suri, Macheon - Second Junior White Male Suri, Iris - Second Intermediate Brown Female Suri


Falcon’s Rise Alpaca Farm – home of Sacred Coast Suri

Falcon's Rise Alpaca Farm is a suri alpaca farm located just out of Renwick, 15 minutes from the centre of Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand. Our property is up on the hills above Renwick and has magnificent views of the surrounding vineyards and mountains and right out across the Wairau Plains to Cooks Strait. The name of our stud, Sacred Coast Suri, derives from an English translation of the Maori name Tai Tapu, an area just outside of Christchurch where we first started farming alpacas, and reflects the spiritual and revered place that alpacas have long held in South American culture. We have been involved in the alpaca industry since 2004 and we specialise in breeding the beautiful and elegant coloured suri alpaca. Our aim is to breed animals in a range of colours with uniform, dense, lustrous fleece and we are committed to the long term goal of establishing a suri fibre industry in New Zealand, targeting the high end of the fashion market. We believe that there will be increasing international demand for naturally coloured fibre as the market looks for alternatives to artificially dyed products, and that New Zealand is well placed to be a leader in this field with its eco-friendly reputation. As a smaller breeder, we are aware of the issues facing those who choose to farm alpacas as an addition to other interests and we are more than happy to share our experiences and acquired knowledge with those who may be contemplating becoming part of this fascinating and evolving industry.